Versions History

Latest Version fully compatible with the most recent release of Windows 10 (20H2) published on Oct 20, 2020

* New feature (Pro Edition): the new Password countdown setting allows you to set the countdown duration (in seconds) for entering the password. In previous versions, it was a 20 seconds fixed delay.

Version published on Feb 07, 2017:

Maintenance release: fixed the Photo Monitoring settings in the Advanced options tab of the Preferences window.

Version published on Jan 16, 2017:

Maintenance release: fixed application crash after clicking the Insert button in the Scheduler window.

Version published on August 22, 2016:

* New feature: when the mouse pointer passes over a label without clicking it, PREDATOR displays a small box showing help information about this item. This feature is available for English language only.
* Home Edition: fixed software update notifications.

Version published on June 21, 2016:

Maintenance release: enhanced application robustness to tolerate some file system consistency issues.

Version published on May 23, 2016:

Maintenance release: a restart is required after installing a license, the background picture is cleared immediately after the user deletes it in the Preferences form, options "Hide desktop icons" and "Minimize all windows" are disabled by default.

Version published on April 5, 2016:

* Professional Edition: Photo Monitoring. PREDATOR can take pictures with your webcam continuously (time interval is configurable), even when the keyboard and the mouse are inactive. Picture files are stored in a folder, or exported by email or ftp.

Version published on March 21, 2016:

- Implemented the STARTTLS protocol to send secure email
- Using the system's http proxy to detect new versions availability.

Version published on Feb 23, 2016:

- Windows Safe Mode protection : this new feature prevents unauthorized users to work with the computer after booting in Safe Mode.

Version published on Feb 1st, 2016:

- Mouse activity detection: moving/clicking the mouse signals user activity (in previous versions: mouse was ignored). Mouse sensitivity is configurable.
- Keyboard activity detection: the sensitivity of the keyboard is configurable (in previous versions: activity was detected after 3 keystrokes).
- Alarm screen and sound: the number of invalid passwords which triggers an alarm is configurable (in previous versions: alarm was triggered after 3 failures)
* Professional Edition:
- Snapshots: up to 99 pictures are taken when an event triggers a snapshot action. This number is configurable (in previous versions: a single picture was taken)
- Emails: when an event triggers an email (with or without attached snapshots) the name of this event is appended to the body of the message.

Version published on Jan 20, 2016:

- Fixed the German language file, which did not load properly.

Version published on Jan 11, 2016:

- Fixed the Custom events processing: an unwanted "Monitoring is on" event was triggered after opening the Preferences form.
* Professional Edition: fixed the Custom commands settings: the user-defined command line was properly recorded but did not show in the Preferences form.

Version published on Dec 4, 2015:

- Redesigned the Preferences window for better usability.
- Fixed "USB flash drive write error" message when trying to register again a key that was already registered.
- Added an extra layer of protection to Predator.exe and other executable files.

Version published on Nov 6, 2015:

- Fixed default language when running PREDATOR for the first time on multilingual systems

Version published on Oct 20, 2015:

- The Scheduler is now enabled in the Home Edition.
- If you are installing the software on many computers, you can prepare many keys in advance with the Key Manager.
- Multimedia presentation protection. If you leave your computer unattended while running a slideshow or a demonstration video, PREDATOR can lock the keyboard and the mouse while the show is running to prevent any accidental interruption.

Version published on Sep 19, 2015:

- Fixed a password input issue which occured with some Windows 7 configurations.
- Fixed the Reset password functionality in the Administration tool.

Version published on Aug 28, 2015:

- First version of PREDATOR fully compatible with Windows 10.

Version published on Mar 3, 2015:

- Fixed the license registration procedure which could fail if the software was not freshly reinstalled first and if the evaluation period was terminated.

Version published on Feb 20, 2015:

- Fixed a vulnerability which could allow a standard user to change her settings even if the Protect Preferences option was checked.
- Fixed the Scheduler window to enable the Save button as soon as you start editing a cell.
- Fixed the Stop/Resume monitoring item of the systray menu, which was sometimes disabled after saving changes in the Preferences window.
- Fixed a flash drive registration error which could happen under very unlikely circumstances on the first run of the software after a fresh installation.
- Improved the automated installation procedure to allow the replication of a settings/schedule template after installing an update of the software.
- Added a missing message in the non-english language files

Version published on Feb 1st, 2015:

- Fixed the Email snapshot and Ftp snapshot commands: now Predator sends a default image if the camera is not connected. In older versions the command aborted and in some cases nothing was sent at all.
- Fixed the FTP Remote directory path in the Advanced options: it is no longer required to add a '/' at the end.
- Published a new edition of the software: the Home Edition. It is like the Professional Edition with the Advanced options disabled, and it is cheaper.
- Changed the duration of the evaluation period. Now you get 10 days to test the software before buying.
- Ended the Free Edition.

Version published on Nov 12, 2014:

- When Predator scans the flash drives, it starts from drive C. In previous releases it started from drive A, activating the floppy disk drive on some computers.
- Fixed the security password processing in case it contains spaces.
- Improved flash drive integrity when several Predator drives are inserted simultaneously. It is not recommended to do that anyway.
- The Preferences form is now resizable.

Version published on Oct 7, 2014:

- When the software is run for the first time, it displays a simple form where you'll define your security password and register your flash drive. Then the program starts without asking anything else. In previous versions you were presented with the rather complex Preferences form instead. This feature makes it easier for first-time users to start PREDATOR.
- You can copy the settings of a user to another with the PREDATOR Administration tool. In previous versions you had to customize each user's settings with the Preferences form.
- You can perform automated installations on several computers. This feature is useful if you want to deploy the software on many computers.

Version published on Sep 15, 2014:

Fixed a regression introduced in v3.0.1.128 which triggered error message "The Predator ACE process is not responding" during Predator startup, under rare circumstances.

Version published on Aug 20, 2014:

Fixed a bug which prevented the "Autostart with Windows" option to work when it was set during the very first run of the software just after installation.

Version published on Jul 4, 2014:

This major version release implements many new features asked by our users:
If there are several user accounts in your computer, now you can define different Predator settings for each user.
When several user sessions are opened simultaneously Predator protects each of them with its own settings.
Snapshots, email messaging, ftp are easier to configure: new input fields have been added to the Preferences window.
A built-in scheduler limits the users sessions to the times of day you have selected in a weekly calendar.
You can define custom commands to be executed for all Predator events: run your own program when an alarm is raised, shutdown the PC, etc.
Predator can use any type of flash drives, even those that Windows sees like fixed disks (mostly from SanDisk).
You can choose a background picture that Predator will display when your desktop is locked, instead of a black screen.
The Predator process is protected and cannot be killed anymore by system utilities.

Version published on Dec 15, 2011:

Fixed errors in german, italian and spanish language files which prevented the Settings form to open.

Version published on Dec 8, 2011:

New feature: PREDATOR can run custom commands when events are triggered in response to specific actions and states. For example, take a picture with your webcam and upload it to a remote server.
Enabled Twitter notifications in Free Edition.
PREDATOR is available in 5 languages: english, french, german, italian, spanish.

Version published on Mar 27, 2011:

New German translation.

Version published on Sep 17, 2010:

Fixed bug which prevented the PREDATOR Administration tool from resetting the password.

Version published on Aug 23, 2010:

New Portuguese (Brazil) translation.
Fixed bug which prevented the Predator ACE service from starting if first character of user name was 'n' or 'r'.

Version published on Jun 28, 2010:

Implemented compatibility with Twitter's OAuth authentication: you no longer need to enter your Twitter's username/password into PREDATOR.
New Czech translation.

Version published on May 31, 2010:

New Turkish translation.

Version published on May 20, 2010:

Bug fix: Fixed timeout issue occuring sporadically at PREDATOR startup on heavily loaded older PC running Windows XP (would display a "Command /START error" warning).

Version published on May 17, 2010:

Bug fix: Fixed enable/disable key option in Preferences / Flash Drives.

Version published on May 10, 2010:

Major new feature: you can use several flash drives to protect your computer. In previous versions you could create only one key. Now, you can create any number of additional keys.
PREDATOR can disable the Autorun functionality in Windows when you lock your session.
Dutch language translation.

Version published on Apr 6, 2010:

Better Chinese translation.
Bug fix: Fixed "Always required" option in Preferences / Password.

Version published on Mar 15, 2010:

Bug fix: Fixed Windows XP compatibility issue.

Version published on Mar 12, 2010:

Major new feature: email and SMS notifications

This version is compatible with all 64-bit editions of Windows.
The logs can be exported either as a plain text file, or as a CSV file (CSV files can be loaded in any spreadsheet or database program).

Version published on Feb 8, 2010:

This version complies fully with UAC requirements: you can autostart Predator with Windows under Vista and 7 without triggering any UAC warning.
Predator v2 uses the Dot.Net Framework v3.5 SP1. This change was required to fix compatibility issues reported with Windows 7 64-bits.
Most visible differences with previous version are located in the Preferences form. The GUI has now a black/orange style instead of the Windows default style, and several important features have been added.

Version published on Oct 31, 2009:

Minor update: fixed non-english language files; improved detection of changes in the Settings form.

Version 1.3.4 published on Oct 29, 2009:

This release brings a major new feature: access log replication on Twitter.
The password dialog has been improved
Support for Russian and Spanish language has been added.
If somebody has tried to use your PC, PREDATOR automatically opens the Log window and shows the failed access attempts.

Version 1.2 published on Sep 12, 2009:

Settings: new option "Enable Pause", check it to enable "Pause monitoring" in the Contextual Menu;
Mouse cursor is now invisible when desktop is locked;
Added Chinese and Italian languages; thanks to Creaman and Rocco for providing these translations.

Version 1.1.1 published on Sep 1, 2009:

Fixed mouse clicks handling in locked mode: when the "Screen Darkness" option was set to zero, mouse clicks were still active.
Thanks to Zaq from Australia for reporting this bug.

Version 1.1 published on Aug 18, 2009:

Multiple monitors support, see corresponding option in Settings;
All windows minimized when locking desktop, see corresponding option in Settings;
All desktop icons hidden when locking desktop, see corresponding option in Settings
Windows Vista Start button hidden when locking desktop;
Updated License agreement.

Version 1.0.6 released to testers on Jun 15, 2009:

Settings: Beta version with experimental support of multiple monitors.

Version 1.0.5 published on Jun 5, 2009:

Settings: Bilingual English / French.

Version 1.0.4 published on Apr 26, 2009:

Settings: new option: an audio file (*. wav file) may be played in case of alarm.

Version 1.0.3 published on Apr 24, 2009:

Settings: new option: ignore drives A: and B: (legacy floppies)

Version 1.0.2 published on Apr 23, 2009:

First public release.