Safe Mode Protection

If you are the unique user of your computer and if you have applied the recommendations at Secure your PC 10 steps you should take to secure your PC before installing PREDATOR, then nobody will be able to login in Safe Mode and you don't need to activate PREDATOR's Safe Mode Protection.

If you have created several user accounts in your computer, then you may want to prevent them from rebooting in Safe Mode because PREDATOR won't autostart.
As a matter of fact, when Windows starts in safe mode, it does not run any application automatically. There is no way to avoid that. Even the anti-virus programs are not loaded, and Predator is no exception.

PREDATOR has a solution to this major threat: it is a new feature, called "Safe Mode Protection", available since version 3.6 of the software.
When you enable this feature, PREDATOR will display this Password dialog just after opening a user session in Safe Mode:

the Password Dialog
PREDATOR's Safe Mode Password Dialog

A 20 seconds countdown starts. You must type the PREDATOR password (the one you have defined in the program's Settings) to unlock the Safe Mode session.The USB key will not unlock it.
If an invalid password has been typed or if the Password Dialog timed out, PREDATOR does the following:

Enabling Safe Mode Protection:

You can enable it by checking the Enable Safe Mode shield option in the PREDATOR Administration tool.
Safe Mode Protection works only with user accounts that have been configured for PREDATOR. If an account is not protected by PREDATOR, it won't be protected in Safe Mode either.
Important: It is highly recommended to create a secondary administrator account in your computer that you will not configure for PREDATOR. You'll use it to open a session in Safe Mode in case something goes wrong and prevents you from login with the normal administrator account.