Your use of PREDATOR is subject to the terms and conditions of the PREDATOR End User License Agreement that you accept when you install the software

Before ordering

Install PREDATOR Professional Edition or Home Edition and make sure it actually matches your expectations (these setup packages offer a free evaluation period of 10 days). It is important that you install, configure and successfully run the program before ordering. If you fail to do so and purchase the program without testing it first, then we cannot guarantee that we will be able to help you.

Ordering instructions

You may install one copy of the licensed software on only one computer.
If you plan to install the software on several computers you should purchase the corresponding number of licenses.

Transactions are handled through Paypal. Bank-to-bank wire transfers are accepted for professional Customers. Email us for more information.
If at any stage in the ordering process you encounter a problem please contact us.

Unit Price: 10.00 USD

PREDATOR Home Edition - No support

This Edition has the basic features required for the protection of a personal computer. Extensive documentation is available online and a FAQ answers most common questions.

Unit Price: 10.00 USD

Unit Price: 15.00 USD

PREDATOR Professional Edition - No support

This Edition has more features and is recommended for computers with several users. Extensive documentation is available online and a FAQ answers most common questions.

Unit Price: 15.00 USD

Unit Price: 30.00 USD

PREDATOR Professional Edition + 1y support

This Professional Edition comes with an additional 1-year support. Support requests are answered by email from Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM UTC.

Unit Price: 30.00 USD

You will receive an email a few minutes after payment.
This message will contain your License file and registration instructions.
Make sure to enter a valid email address in the payment form.

Follow this procedure if you did not receive our confirmation message after one hour.