Home Vs Professional PREDATOR Software Difference Table

The Professional Edition is recommended for all users. It includes the largest number of features and gives you full control over the software.
The Home Edition has fewer settings. It offers the basic features required for the protection of a personal computer.

Features Home Edition Professional Edition
Monitoring options yes yes
Alarm options yes yes
Password options yes yes
Language selection yes yes
AutoStart with Windows yes yes
Check for updates yes yes
Disable CD/DVD autorun yes yes
View/Export local logs yes yes
Multi-user management yes yes
Use multiple keys yes yes
Scheduler yes yes
Safe Mode protection yes yes
Slideshow protection no yes
Take pictures no yes
Upload pictures by FTP no yes
Send email no yes
Run custom commands no yes
Protect Preferences no yes
Disable splash screen no yes
Disable notifications no yes
Disable Task Manager no yes
Disable pause no yes
Disable exit no yes
Disable local log no yes
Open log after alarm no yes