FAQ: How to remove PREDATOR if uninstalling with "Programs and Features" fails ?

PREDATOR's uninstallation relies on a resource of your operating system called the "Windows Installer Service". It will run smoothly if your computer is in a stable state. But it may fail if there is something wrong in your Windows environment. Warnings will pop-up and PREDATOR will be partially uninstalled.

This issue may arise in the following situations:

Solution #1)

If you get a message box with "Error 1001: An exception occurred while uninstalling":

Error 1001: An exception occurred while uninstalling

then do the following:

when Repair completes:

Solution #2)

If previous solution fails, run the PREDATOR Cleaner utility. This will remove PREDATOR from your computer.

Solution #3)

Finally, if all the above fails, you should perform a System Restore, restoring your system to a point dating back from before the moment where you installed PREDATOR.

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