FAQ: What if I get "Can't start ACM service: An instance of the service is already running" error message ?

ACM is a Windows service that is automatically launched by Windows when you open a session. ACM stands for Access Control Manager. This service monitors your USB ports, keyboard and mouse on behalf of PREDATOR.

You get this error message if too many programs are automatically loading when you open your Windows session, slowing down your computer just when PREDATOR is checking if the ACM service is running. Then PREDATOR wrongly believes that the ACM service has not started, and it tries to start it... finally causing the error because Windows does not allow 2 instances of a service to run concurrently.

If you are running a recent version of Windows (newer than XP) then you should try to change the ACM service startup mode:

If changing the startup mode of the ACM service does not solve the issue, then you should remove some unnecessary programs from Windows startup with the msconfig command (Google "how to use msconfig" to learn about this command).
Warning: if you use msconfig to alter your system startup you can corrupt the boot process. This may render your system unusable. So if you're not familiar with msconfig, or not comfortable reloading the operating system on your PC, or if you don't have the original installation media for your programs this is probably not for you.

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