FAQ: What happens if someone tries to use my PC while I'm away ?

The keyboard and mouse are inoperative, the intruder cannot do much.
If she presses Ctrl-Alt-Del she gets the Windows session management dialog, but without the option of opening the task manager.
If she hits the keyboard or if she moves the mouse, PREDATOR displays the password dialog and she will have 20 seconds to guess your password. After this delay, the alarm will be triggered.
PREDATOR may send you an email to warn you about this intrusion attempt,
or it may take some snapshots with the webcam, if available, and email them to you,
or it may run any custom command that you have configured.
After entering a wrong password, the alarm will also be triggered and it will not be possible to try again during 5 minutes.
In all cases, the event will be recorded in the log.

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