How to configure photo monitoring

PREDATOR can take snapshots of your computer surroundings continuously, even when the keyboard and the mouse are inactive.
Picture files are stored in a folder, or exported by email or ftp.

1. Open the Advanced options tab in the Preferences window

2. Configure some settings in the "Snapshots" frame

Store in folder

Use the button next to this field to browse your filesystem and select the folder where PREDATOR will store the picture files it takes with your webcam. "My Pictures" is a good choice.


Picture files older than this number of days will be automatically deleted.


The default value for this field is "1" because most computers have a single webcam. If you have several webcams, enter the number of the one that PREDATOR should use.


Number of snapshots which will be taken on each triggering event (an alarm event, or a photo monitoring timed interval). Enter a value in the range 1 - 99.


Enter a number of seconds here. The software will wait this number of seconds before taking each snapshot. Many cameras require a delay to adjust their exposure and be ready to take a picture. 2 seconds is a safe value, adjust it for your own hardware. If you set a too short delay, no picture will be taken.

3. Configure some settings in the "Photo Monitoring" frame


This drop-down list allows you to select when PREDATOR will take snapshots:
  • Disabled : do not perform any photo monitoring;
  • When desktop is locked : PREDATOR performs photo monitoring when it has locked your desktop (either after removing the flash drive, or because of the scheduler);
  • When desktop is unlocked : PREDATOR performs photo monitoring while your desktop is unlocked;
  • Always : PREDATOR performs photo monitoring continuously.


Enter the number of seconds that PREDATOR will be waiting before taking the next snapshot (or the next group of snapshots if you have set Count > 1).


This drop-down defines what PREDATOR will do with the photo monitoring pictures it takes:
  • Snapshot : store the picture in the folder configured above
  • Email snapshot : store the picture and email it to the address defined in the Network options
  • Ftp snapshot : store the picture and upload it to the FTP server defined in the Network options

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