FAQ: How to start PREDATOR automatically after login

You must double-click the PREDATOR icon on your desktop to start the software. This is the default behaviour after installing, and it is recommended to keep it this way while you learn how to use the software.

Once you are familiar with PREDATOR, and after checking that you can reliably unlock your session with your USB flash drive and with your password, you may want to have it start automatically after login. You'll do this by enabling "Autostart with Windows" in the Main options form.

Troubleshooting the Autostart feature

Some antivirus programs interfere with PREDATOR and prevent it from autostarting.

If you have enabled the "Autostart with Windows" in the Main options form but the software still does not start automatically, then you'll have to configure your antivirus adequately.

This is done by adding an "exclusion" in your antivirus software to let it ignore PREDATOR. For instance with Norton, Google "Configuring scans in my Norton product to exclude specific drives, folders, or files" to see how to do that.